Saturday, August 29, 2009

Publisher Orders a Blog

It may seem like I'm doing this blog under duress, and the fact is my publisher, Moonlight Mesa Associates, has been prodding me more and more to start communicating with the reading public...the publisher would like to see me with a website, a blog, and at signings, events, twittering, facebooking and all that and on the road with my forthcoming book. That's a lot of technology for a guy like me.

I'm a reclusive kind of guy. Should'a been a cowboy, I expect. I could live for months on end in the wilderness. In fact, I have lived alone a great part of my life. Enjoyed it, but then one day a guy gets to a point where it's time to let go and move on, and that's what I did. Things changed for some reason I don't understand.

So, I've written a book. Saving Tom Black. Had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs writing that. It just kind of spilled out. Same way with my second book, Apache, but it won't be out for a few months yet. Anyway, my publisher wants me to write about Tom Black, and myself I suppose.

Despite my reluctance to do this, for I can't see any reason why anyone would be interested in reading my blog, I suppose I could cooperate with the fine publishing house that has given my words a new life. You see, I got rejected by more publishers than I can name. Most never even read my first chapter. Then, I did some homework and found Moonlight Mesa Associates, a tiny unpretentious little publisher that had a big belief in publishing good Western works that the mainstream just ignores.

I signed up for three books with Moonlight Mesa Associates. I'm not sure after that if I'm going to keep writing or what. I just got some stories in me that need to be told, and my publisher is making it possible for me to do that. So, I suppose if I keep writing, I'm just going to stay with the publisher I have...if she'll keep me on.

I'll write about Saving Tom Black next blog. Each of those characters is a part of me, I'll admit. So, until next time...