Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Two Books Down - One to Go

That sounds like a prison sentence, doesn't it? But out of a three book deal, I have managed to write two damn good books. Got one more to go. My publisher said there's no rush. That's good, cause I got news for her...I need a break.

Saving Tom Black, my first book, is just about ready to be released for general publication. Apache, my second book, is still in the editing stages. How many times must I write, rewrite, and rewrite.

The third book, Canyon of Death, is just now beginning to get into my head. But I'm still taking six months...OR MORE...off.

A few people have asked me if I'm going to stay with Moonlight Mesa or try to get another publisher...Not sure yet. I like Moonlight Mesa, but I probably do have to work harder than I would with another publisher...but the publisher works her ass off, so I feel guilty if I'm not in there with her. My hunch is I'll stay - or maybe I'll stop writing altogether. I probably won't look around since most of those folks already rejected me. Moonlight Mesa believed in me when no one else did. I'm guessing that if I keep writing, I'll stick with Moonlight Mesa as long as they'll have me.

I've gotten some fantastic reviews on Saving Tom Black, which is very gratifying, I have to admit. Really strokes the old ego. But it is truly rewarding to see people enjoy my work and I am deeply appreciative of the kind words they say about my writing and my books.

So...that's it for this time. Looks like my publisher is dragging me to Payson with her for the Zane Grey Days...see, this is what I mean. The woman is WORK WORK WORK.

Friday, September 11, 2009


Pretty soon I'll be working for Apple, or Dell I'll be such a wizard. Ha ha.

Well, I finally succumbed to the pressure and got a one page website. My publisher twisted my arm by paying for it for one year for me. I spent all day at this site, but I put one together and it looks darn good...for a beginner.

Check it out at www.savingtomblack.com

It wasn't as hard as I thought, just time-consuming and kind of slow what with my dial-up connection and all.

Now I'm wondering what's next? Here I am blogging and putting up a website. I suppose I'm going to have to tweet or twat here eventually. I'm holding out on that one!


Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Saving Tom Black Gets Test-Marketed

Well, my first Western book, Saving Tom Black, got test-marketed this past weekend for the first time. My publisher, Becky, at Moonlight Mesa Associates, assures me it "sold like pancakes." I'll be getting my FIRST royalty check too.

But she got a bit perturbed too. Seems like she could only sell "her" books, but she was determined to test the waters with Tom Black this weekend, so she ended up having to tell a few people who questioned her that she was Jere D. James in order to keep the book displayed. Crazy. Those people never bought the book either. Said all but one was an official at this function just checking on vendors, but one turned out to be a cousin to a guy who's going to review the book. Small world. Hope he doesn't find out. None of this bothers me one whit...I don't really care to do these public appearances. Suppose I'm gonna have to, but it's not me, and Becky knew that from the get-go. Discussed it plenty of times with her. Maybe I should give the royalty check to her. My goal in all of this is not to make money so much, as it is to see a dream of mine come true. She's all in a tizzy though.

I just find all the attention kind of embarrassing, like I did something that changed the world, and all I really did was tell a story that's been kicking around in my head for a long, long time.

Well, that's all I've got to say about this. I added my cover here. Pretty nifty how this works. I'm not a computer person either.

Thank you to the people who bought my book. I truly am appreciative. Hope you like it and much as I enjoyed writing it.

Jere D. James

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Publisher's News Release

Well, I get a break from my duties here...Here is the latest from my publisher:

For Immediate Release…

Moonlight Mesa Associates’ Release and Contest Announcements

Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. is extremely proud and excited to announce the publication of the company’s first two Western books: Saving Tom Black, by Jere D. James and Reflections from the Wilderness, by cowboy poet Stoney Greywolf Bowers. Both books have received early, glowing reviews from Shirley Johnson, Senior Reviewer for MidWest Book Review.

Both titles will officially debut this fall at Old West Days Festival in Mesa, Arizona. All of Moonlight Mesa’s authors will be present throughout the weekend long festivities to sign books and talk with visitors. Stoney Greywolf Bowers may also be doing some readings.

Advanced Reader Copies of the books have been sent to a number of Western periodicals for reviews, and the publisher has released advance copies to both authors for their personal sales. In addition, Coffield will be test-marketing various venues for Saving Tom Black over the next two months. The books are currently only available from the publisher’s website, www.moonlightmesaassociates.com or from the authors. After release, the books will be distributed by Ingram.

Coffield wants to remind writers of the First Annual Cowboy Up Short Story Contest currently underway. There are three months remaining in the contest, which closes December 1, 2009. Entries fees are $15 per entry, which pays for judging fees and winner awards. Guidelines for the contest can be located on the company’s website: www.moonlightmesaassociates.com. Cash awards are $250, $125, and $75. Also, certificates will be issued to cash winners and finalists.

Moonlight Mesa Associates, Inc. is a small, independent publishing house in Wickenburg, AZ., specializing in Western genre only, both fiction and nonfiction. Besides the current releases, Coffield is in negotiations with Rusty Richards, former Sons of the Pioneer singer for his rollicking biography of rodeo superstar, Casey Tibbs. Also under consideration is The Giving Season, a Western Romance by freelance writer, Paula Silici. The publisher will be issuing Jere D. James’ second novel, Apache, and Bowers’ second book, Native American Reflections, in late spring of 2010.