Monday, November 23, 2009

So, I'm corralled in the publisher's office today with an guessed it. A blog.

I think I have a lot of trouble with these because I don't know why anyone would care what the heck I think. For the publisher, it makes sense - she's got a lot of things to say ALL THE TIME about her publications and projects. Me? I just have my horse and my two completed books.

I will say that I've been thinking a lot about Canyon of Death, a book that will follow the upcoming Apache. I'm trying to decide who lives, dies, and whether I'm going to continue this series or not. I might still write, but I'm wondering if I should move on to other people and places - still Western - but just leave Jake Silver et al behind. Anybody out there got any advice?

I also know I have to get to the canyons and do some serious hiking/riding before I can really proceed with Canyon of Death. It's been something I've been wanting to do anyway. I don't usually walk uphill though...that's what a horse is for, isn't it? I have to go to the canyons though, before I can proceed. The full story is there, waiting for me, I can feel it.

Got an early review from Midwest Book Review and, in all honesty, I was feeling pretty damn good about the great comments the reviewer made about me. It was almost embarrassing, but I sure appreciate every word that nice lady wrote!! Wouldn't have gotten half that praise though if it weren't for the efforts of the great Moonlight Mesa editor, Paula Silici. She should be getting the reviews...not me.