Sunday, October 25, 2009

Publisher Beckons...

Okay. I'm back after an extended three weeks riding in the Sisters Wilderness area. Can't believe how cold it got this year...early. Had some snow in places. It felt great though to break out and spend some quality quiet time on my horse, eating my pathetic campfire cooking. I must be getting older though. I actually bought a small camper for my pickup...I didn't sleep out on the ground or in the horse trailer. The small comforts afforded by the camper were truly enjoyed. Had running water...a flushing toilet...small refrigerator. Felt like the lap of luxury!

Moonlight Mesa's editor has finished with my second book, Apache. Thank the good Lord there's not nearly as many pencil marks and comments as the first book! Learned my lesson from that woman! She's probably the best teacher I ever had!!

So, Moonlight Mesa's boss lady/slave driver called me back to fix the edits so we can get this show on the road. Good to be back in Arizona though...I'm enjoying the warm fall weather.

Haven't started on the next book yet other than a hint at the first chapter. I want to spend some time in the canyons this spring to say what I want to say and say it correctly...

Meanwhile, it looks like I have some signings and book events coming up for Saving Tom Black. The publisher told me she's already sold advance copies of Apache because people are liking Saving Tom Black so much. I'm honored and proud both. Hope to see you at a signing real soon.

Friday, October 9, 2009

Riding for the Brand

I'm not really the emotional type, so I'm only going to say this one more time, and I hope to make it really clear this time.

Am I changing publishers when I fulfill my commitment to Moonlight Mesa Associates? HELL NO!

I have to be honest and admit I don't really know how many more books I have in me. I know for certain I have one more: Canyon of Death. If I have more after that, my place is with Moonlight Mesa. It's called "Riding for the Brand." Even though that publisher keeps me running my ass off, there's a lot of fringe benefits around that office.

For starters, I get to empty trash, make copies and sometimes run errands. Then, there's always coffee and that good hazelnut creamer on hand. The real thing...not that crap stuff. Becky (the publisher) makes great creme brulee, and if there's any around I eat it for breakfast first thing.

Besides these heavy office duties and creme brulee, sometimes I help out by scooping horse poop and helping with the training of her rescue mare. She even makes me go out riding with her sometimes...other times I "get" to answer the phone while she's out galavanting around buying Western clothes. I tell her she can borrow mine, but she declines.

It gets worse when her husband's gone, because then I get all his godawful duties too.

Anyway, all I'm saying is that when a guy's treated this good, how can he consider taking off?

Sometimes I even spend time WRITING. Right now the editor is hacking away at my manuscript, Apache, but she sure makes it read nicer when she's finished! Vin, the cover designer is wrapping up the cover. Life's good at this publishing house.