Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Pulling Teeth

Why is writing this blog so much more difficult, and painful, than writing a book? It just seems so deceptive and false.

Okay. I've got my assignment from my big, bad boss Becky, so here goes.

I've not been working on my new book. I've got to get down into the canyons and spend some time. That's easier said than done this time of year. But, the book is coming together in my head, and boy have some unusual ideas popped up. Can't wait to see how it all turns out.

I'll probably show up at the Yuma Festivities that my publisher is planning on attending...and I'll be at the Wickenburg Ranch Rodeo. In fact, I'd like to put a team together and enter that one - sounds like fun.

So, that's January. February? I'll be at the Gold Rush Days for at least one day. Probably one day at the Festival of the West. I'll pick a day that no one else wants to be there. ha ha. Ooops. Guess I'll do what I'm told by the Boss Lady who's reading this over my shoulder right now. That's what I get for stopping by for a free beer.

Saw the new book, Apache, which arrived here the other day. Wow. The cover guy did one bang up job! He's good! Real good! Can't wait to see what he comes up with for Canyon of Death, the next book.

Meanwhile, I'm taking my horse and gear into Mexico for a couple weeks in January. My publisher says the next time I sign a contract she's going to make it so I can't do "risky" things. Good luck with that! Anyway, I've been studying maps and whatnot. I found a good place to unload and leave my truck/trailer, and what should be good trails. I'll ride into Puerto Vallarta - spend two weeks or so doing it. Hope I don't get rounded up by banditos. Well, that'll make a helluva book, I'd say!

So - that's it for now. I am making only one New Year resolution - and that is to get the new book finished by fall so the publisher/editor/cover man can get at it for a 2011 publication. I like a deadline...and I like a challenge!