Saturday, May 7, 2011

Western Author Jere D. James Signs Three Book Deal


Jere D. James, author of the Jake Silver Adventure Series (Saving Tom Black, Apache, and the forthcoming Canyon of Death has just signed another three book contract with Moonlight Mesa Associates, Western Book Publisher.

The contract is for three books in three years, however there is a bit of latitude in the understanding between the publisher, Becky Coffield, and Jere D. James. The author does not have to necessarily continue the Jake Silver series, although the publisher would like to see him do so. However, she left that decision to the author.

"It's pretty hard to demand an author write something if his heart just isn't in it," Coffield said. "The Jake Silver books are very popular though, and I think they'll continue to be if Jere keeps writing them."

The author has already stated there will be at least one more Jake Silver book, and perhaps more. He's even thinking of going back in time to when Silver was younger. "It's a possibility, that's all," James said.


Just like he did with his other books, James will be spending some time in the saddle this summer. Last year saw him in the Chiricahuas quite often, which is where Canyon of Death is set (Canyon of Death will be released by July of this year). This summer he'll be riding the high country getting a feel for the setting of his next book, High Country Killer. "I'll be riding in the Prescott National Forest area, and also in the Apache Sitgreaves Forest, and especially places around Pine Top," he said. "I'll be taking my horse and mule. Dog too. And of course, boxes of books. It'll be very different than riding in the Chiricahuas where I had to be especially alert to illegal immigration traffic."

The author will also be traveling to Colorado for some setting information. "The book could take place there, but I don't think it will. I live in Arizona, so it's easier for me to return to an area here if I need to verify things than to run all the way to Colorado," James said. "Besides, with the cost of diesel, I doubt I'd be able to fuel up the beast that pulls my trailer. And I'm not downsizing. That horse trailer is nicer than some apartments I've lived in!"

James will also try to pick up a few rodeos this summer.

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